Check out these free events featuring work supported in part by 4Culture’s Individual Artist Projects program.

Erin Lau
The Graciela Project: Fading Tales of the Chinese Diaspora
The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle
December 2, 2010 – 8pm

Inspired by her grandmother’s journey from China to Guatemala in the 1930’s, Erin Lau will give a full performance of her original songs and illustrations as part of the Graciela Project: Fading Tales of the Chinese Diaspora. Erin has a diverse artistic background, bringing influences from her study of Flamenco and Hindustani vocals, harmonium, and Chinese folk songs. She will be projecting her illustrations that lend visual narration to her grandmother’s story, and will be joined by several talented guest musicians on flamenco guitar, cajon and vocals. She invites you to visit her blog for more information and song clips.

Tess Martin & Stefan Gruber
Plain Face and Psychic Portraiture
Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
December 11, 2010 – 2PM

Local animators Tess Martin and Stefan Gruber will showcase new work this December. Tess will screen her 10 minuted animated short Plain Face, and Stefan will perform live animation for some Psychic Portraiture. Both animators will be asking for feedback from the audience. Plain Face is a 10 minute stop-frame animated film. In a fantastical land, a stranger arrives and is the subject of prejudice, violence and love. We follow her journey through memory as she decides whether to give up her heart. Stefan Gruber performs a show in which he paints portraits of audience members with animated light on a stage arranged with a large-sized canvas. Symbols from the life of the model also materialize to decorate the portrait. In a banter with the model and audience, psychic details are intuited.

© 2010 Erin Lau, The Graciela Project: Fading Tales of the Chinese Diaspora