4Culture and GooglePlusWe had a visit from Nicholas Beach yesterday. He had reached out from Google in his effort to engage the non-profit cultural community with Google’s social networking site, Google+. Nicholas visited the office, ran through the very simple and intuitive workings of the site and helped us create our page. We’re excited to take advantage of a new way of keeping in touch with the organizations, groups and individuals we fund and the community at large. Are you a County Arts, Heritage or Preservation organization? Let us know you are on Google+ – we’ll put you in a circle or two. And if you would like Nicholas to help your organization set up your account (it’s pretty simple – you’ll need a logo or other image to represent you, as well as five photographs for your header), I’ll bet he’d be happy to help. We look forward to sharing news, information and general goodness on the site, and to exploring Hangouts with you all. We’re still on Twitter and Facebook, so wherever we find each other we look forward to the conversation.