4Culture is pleased to feature work by Dane Picard and Joana Stillwell on e4c in January. Their selected videos will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.

While each piece in Dane Picard’s Hands Mosaic Project is only seconds long, it is made up of thousands of individual digital photographs. Picard composed frames, made up of single hand gestures. He writes, “Hands, equally expressive as eyes, could become the fantastic forms of animals in amazing performances seen in nature. As a starting point they are a return to childhood fancies, making a shadow puppet in the form of a bird with your hands.” Formally, the work is a mix of pixilation and a mural technique using a grid over the image to translate a smaller image on to a much larger surface.

Dane Picard has been working with digital media since the 1980s, experimenting with early computer and animation software. He studied English, Philosophy and Electrical Engineering at the University of Utah. He earned his undergraduate degree in Fine Art at Cornish College of Arts and received his graduate degree in Experimental Animation at CalArts. His works have been exhibited nationally with extensive publication. Picard has shown at spaces such as Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, Post Gallery in Los Angeles, Austin Museum of Art, Torrance Art Museum, and Pasadena Museum of Art. He has received the Art Here and Now Program award from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

Joana Stillwell’s Goldfish video is simple and humorous. Yael Nov writes, “Goldfish encapsulates the artist’s child-like fascination with the absurd. With a keen eye for elevating the ordinary, Stillwell re-animates materials and objects of the margin, bringing them to the forefront with a unique sensitivity. Goldfish lies somewhere between a National Geographic program and a child playing with his imaginary friend; charming, compelling, and perplexing all at once.”

As a child, Joana Stillwell did not understand the concept of downtime. As an adult, she creates what she hopes are humorous works that reveal the universal desire to be and have more. Stillwell is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Photomedia and Art History departments. She has shown work in various group and juried exhibitions at the University of Washington’s Jacob Lawrence Gallery, UW Hall Health Center, UW Skylight Gallery, Blowing Sands Gallery, and Gallery4Culture. Stillwell has recently completed a mentorship program with the Young Photographer’s Alliance and is currently working on a collaborative installation with Seattle Storefronts. She currently resides in Seattle.

Media artwork by Picard and Stillwell will join the following selected artists on e4c:

  • Zack Bent
  • C Andrew Rohrmann
  • Ron Lambert
  • Nichole Rathburn
  • Ellen Lake & Chris Green
  • George Lee
  • Evertt Beidler
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