Art Projects
Deadline: passed  
Heather Dwyer 206 263.1597
Groups: Doreen Mitchum 206 263.1605
Choreographer, Dancer and Educator Amy O'Neal. Photograph: Courtesy of the Artist

The SOLO(s) Project, choreographer Mary Sheldon Scott, Jim Kent (dancer pictured) © Steven Miller
2015 Art Projects: Individuals recipient

Art Projects seeks to enhance the cultural life of King County by providing grant funds for arts projects. We fund artists and small arts groups, working in all creative disciplines including music, media, dance, theater, literature and visual art. Proposed projects range from traditional craft to skywriting. Applications are evaluated by a peer-panel in the categories of artistic development, community engagement or sustained value. All projects must be by residents of King County and they must offer some benefit to the citizens of King County.

In 2016, Arts Projects received a total of 400 applications (303 Individuals, 97 Groups. The panelists recommended 77 artists and 48 groups receive grants for a total of $691,500 to support 125 art projects to be presented in King County. The panelists' recommendations are reviewed and approved by the Arts Advisory Committee and our Board of Directors.

If you are an artist or group interested in applying, please carefully review the Art Project Guidelines. We make changes to improve our process each year, so even if you've applied before, you'll want to review this tool carefully. We offer workshops throughout King County to assist new and returning applicants. Join us!

Guidelines and Process for 2017 Program Below | Deadline: March 1, 2017 5pm PST

Who Can Apply

Applicant eligibility 

Applicants MUST:

  • Be a resident of King County (at the time of application and through completion of the proposed project); and
  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of application; or
  • Be a King County organization whose core mission is dedicated to the arts. If the applicant is not an arts organization, the applicant MUST have a written agreement with an artist or arts group with whom the applicant will collaborate.
  • Submit only one (1) Individual OR one (1) Group application per year.

Applicants MUST NOT:

  • Be an Individual or Group who received a grant through 4Culture’s Art Projects in 2016. These recipients may apply again in 2018. This change was made in an effort to diversify our funding.
  • Be a member of an applicant Group and also apply as an Individual for a Group-related project.
  • Have an incomplete project and open contract awarded in or prior to 2015.
  • Have a current, open contract for 4Culture’s Art Projects, Sustained Support, Community 4Culture or Tech Specific programs.
  • Be a school, school district or religious institution.
  • Serve as a current staff, board, or Arts Advisory Committee member of 4Culture.
  • Be a 2017 Art Projects selection panelist.

Group or Individual?

Eligible applicants must apply as either a GROUP or INDIVIDUAL.

Choose INDIVIDUAL if you are an artist who is the sole creator of a project or are leading other artists in the creation of the proposed project. In this category, the peer-panel will assess the applicant's contribution to the proposed project and work samples. If selected for an award, the applicant must furnish their Social Security Number for payment. Contracts will not be issued to a Fiscal Sponsor or other designee.

Choose GROUP if you represent a group, non-profit organization or business that creates art projects; or are a group of artists who have a history of working together, organized under a group name. If the group’s core mission is not art, the application must have an agreement with an artist or arts organization with which the group will collaborate on the proposed project. In this category, the peer-panel will assess the group’s contribution to the proposed project and work samples. All Group applicants must furnish an EIN (LLC, S-Corp, General Partnership, Non-profit, etc.) at the time of application. An individual's Social Security Number will not be accepted. If selected, you may then contact your Program Manager for instructions on reassigning the contract to a Fiscal Agent. Additionally, the King County mailing address associated with the EIN, must match the mailing address used on the W9 Form submitted for payment.

What We Fund

Project eligibility 

Projects requirements:

When 4Culture gives Art Projects grants, we are technically purchasing a "cultural service" from you, for the residents and visitors of King County. We have to do this because the money for these grants come from public taxes, specifically, from a portion of Lodging Tax revenues collected in King County. As you think about your application, consider what 4Culture is buying from you for the public. You should describe this in the "Project Impact" section of the application.

Here are some "Project Impact" ideas you can consider:

  • Free/low cost tickets for one or more project performances, exhibitions, workshops, screenings, readings, etc.
  • Presenting a project-related event in suburban or rural King County.
  • Presenting a project-related event to low-income, youth and senior groups; individuals with limited physical abilities; recent immigrants; and residents from minority races or ethnicities.
  • Create free, electronically accessible materials, including literary publications, audio or video recordings.

If you would like to talk to staff about your "Project Impact" idea, please contact us prior to the application deadline or attend one of our workshops.

Projects MUST:

  • Offer public benefit and be accessible to the citizens of King County; and
  • Begin after June 1, 2017 and the public benefit/project impact must be completed by June 1, 2019; and
  • Be of direct benefit to the applicant; and
  • If a Group, be directly related to the mission of group.

Projects MAY include the following:

  • The development of new work.
  • The interpretation of existing work.
  • The presentation of new work or collection of works.
  • Support professional development (e.g. workshop, conference, residencies).
  • Support the rental or purchase of materials that further the applicant's creative project

Projects MAY NOT:

  • Be fully produced by a 4Culture Sustained Support organization, with a current, open contract. Please contact us if you plan to develop or present your proposed project in partnership with a Sustained Support organization.
  • Include tuition and cost-of-living expenses for matriculated students in any degree program.
  • Include requests for 4Culture support of food, beverages or fundraising expenses.
  • Propose permanent public art projects, including murals. For public art opportunities visit our opportunity listings page.
  • Include capital construction projects.
  • Include general operating support.

Applying for other 4Culture Project Support

If your project involves multiple disciplines - preservation, heritage, and/or the arts - you may be eligible to submit it for consideration under more than one 4Culture funding program. In your Art Projects application, you MUST disclose that you have applied or intend to apply to another 4Culture program for the same or related project. Please contact 4Culture to discuss your application if you think it may be eligible for other possible support from 4Culture.

Confused by language we use? Check out our glossary of terms


2017 Application Deadline: March 1, 2017 5pm PST

2017 Application Review Process and Timeline

The following is an approximate schedule. The actual timeline may differ.

  • March: Deadline is March 1, 2017, 5PM. No late applications will be accepted.
  • April: Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and organized by staff in preparation for the peer-panel review process.
  • May: Peer-panels meet to review applications. The panels will recommend funding for the most highly ranked projects from among the applications submitted. The panelists funding recommendations are forwarded to the 4Culture Arts Advisory Committee for review and approval.
  • June: By June 1, 2017, all applicants will receive formal notification (by email) from 4Culture regarding the status of their application.
    Each award recipient will then work with their Program Manager to develop a contract that governs the payment of funds. Funds become available after contracts are signed and submitted with all necessary documents. Contract documents will be sent electronically, to each grant recipient’s contact email for electronic review and signature approval. Projects may begin June 1, 2017. Grant money will become available after contract documents are completed and submitted. Recipients may submit a request for payment for up to 50% of their total grant shortly after they submit their contract documents. They may receive the final 50% of the grant funds after they have completed the public benefit -as outlined in their contract. Completion of the project, including final documentation and invoice, is expected by June 1, 2019.


Selection process, criteria and payment  

Review Process

Applications to Art Projects are reviewed by staff for eligibility, accuracy, and completeness. 4Culture staff facilitates a peer-panel review of all eligible applications. Peer-panels are comprised of artists and arts workers from throughout King County and have expertise in one or more artistic discipline.

The peer-panel will select and recommend the most highly qualified projects for funding based on our Core and Choice Criteria. Core Criteria is used by the peer-panel to evaluate all Art Projects applications; one (1) Choice Criterion is selected by applicants, and it is also used by the peer-panel to evaluate applications.


  • Art is a primary component of the project
  • Applicant demonstrates the experience to accomplish the scope and scale of the project
  • The project budget is feasible and the request to 4Culture is appropriate
  • One or more compelling, feasible public events in King County is clearly described.


Seeks to support projects that provide one or more of the following:
  • Dedication to discipline/form over an extended period of time
  • Consistent value
  • Preserving a creative and/or cultural tradition
Seeks to support projects that provide one or more of the following:
  • Interactive art experience
  • Educational art experience
  • Specific community (e.g. geographic, ethnic, youth, senior etc.) is integral to the project
Seeks to support projects that provide one or more of the following:
  • Integrates artistic disciplines/form
  • Explores or expands discipline/form/topic in new directions
  • Is a departure from past/current work

What if my project includes elements of two or more Choice Criteria?
Many projects will include artistic development, community engagement and sustained value components, however, you must select one (1) Choice Criteria for the peer-panel to use when evaluating your application.

Check out 2017 Choice Criteria Guide for more information.

Grant Payment Process

If a grant is awarded, recipients may submit a request for paymentfor 50% of their grant total after contract documents are completed and submitted. Recipients may submit a request for final payment after the public benefit, (as described in the contract) is complete.

Requirements and appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture award.

Ready to Apply

How to submit your application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections

STEP 2 - You are required to submit your application using 4Culture's online form. Prepare required documents before you apply online.

Application Help

Review this Sample Application to see what kinds of information you will need to provide to prepare for your own application. Review the 2017 Choice Criteria Guide to help you determine how your work will be evaluated. Please also consider attending one of our Application Workshops offered throughout King County. In addition, we offer a webinar which will show you how to create a 4Culture account and walk you through the application.

Adobe® Acrobat is required. Download a free version.

acrobat icon   2017 Sample Application

acrobat icon   2017 Choice Criteria Guide

Required Materials

The application requires that you make selections and write about your project idea, past experience, and planning. Please review the Sample Application to help you prepare the following:

  • Project Title
  • Short Project Description (Suggested - 25 words)
  • Discipline (Choose One: Dance, Literature, Music, Media, Theater, Visual Art)
  • Choice Criterion (Choose One: Sustained Value, Community Engagement, Artistic Development)
  • Project Description (Suggested – 250 words)
  • Project Impact (Suggested – 250 words)
  • Relevant Expertise/Experience/Accomplishments (Suggested – 250 words)
  • Project Implementation (Suggested – 150 words)
  • Project Budget (Expenses, Income (Including request to 4Culture), and Budget Notes)
  • Venue Name and Address (If known at the time of application)
  • Work Sample Description
  • File Uploads (Choose One: Manuscript: 10 Page Max; Audio: 3 Max; Video: 3 Max; or Images: 10 Max)
Project Budget

In the Project Budget section, you will need to provide a simple break-down of project expenses and income in the categories provided. You will add this information by writing directly into the application; this is not something you will upload. A brief description of what is appropriate in each category is stated in the application. You will need to indicate dollar amounts for categories that best fit your project and skip categories that do not apply. In the Project Budget Notes section, you must describe the specific use of the funds you are requesting from 4Culture in the Budget Notes section. Additionally, you may provide details of the items in your budget, e.g. names and amounts of in-kind support or supplies to be purchased. The total project expense must equal the total project income. In other words, you must demonstrate that your project is financially feasible.

Work Sample Description

You will need to identify the work sample(s) that you will submit with your application. You will add this information into a text box in your application by writing directly into the application; this is not something you will upload. The Work Sample Description must include all work samples, including those uploaded (image or manuscripts) or those hosted externally (video or audio files). Please prepare the following information about the work samples you will to submit. All applicants must include:

  1. Titles (and/or track numbers) of the work(s) submitted in the order in which they are to be reviewed;
  2. Date the work(s) were completed or if they are in-progress;
  3. Role of the applicant (Examples: I was the choreographer and director of this project).

If work samples are in the Manuscript Format:
    Identify if the sample(s) are complete works, abstracts, excerpts or a group of works.

If work samples are in the Image Format include:
    Medium, dimensions of the artwork(s) and completion date.

All applicants may elect to write a few brief sentences about the work sample(s).

Work Samples are required of all applicants

Applicants are encouraged to submit work samples of past work that best illustrates their qualifications for the proposed project. Prints, transparencies, musical scores, brochures and press-clippings will not be accepted. The following Work Sample guide outlines the options available for submitting work samples.

You may choose only one format and one way-to-submit
We request only one work sample type due to the extremely limited amount of time panelists have to review each applicant’s submission.

Recommended formats by discipline:

  • Music - Audio Format
  • Dance - Video Format
  • Theater - Video or Manuscript Format
  • Visual - Digital Image Format
  • Literary - Manuscript Format
  • Media - Video or Manuscript Format
Audio Format

A maximum of three (3) work samples. Each applicant's work will be reviewed for a cumulative total of five (5) minutes maximum.

Way To Submit (choose one)
External Site Upload:
You may submit up to three audio files using SoundCloud. All submissions must be publicly accessible. Once you have uploaded your files to SoundCloud that you would like the selection panel to review, indicate the SoundCloud URL (e.g. in your application, in the order in which you would like the files reviewed. Work samples may not be submitted through other media sharing sites.

If you need your audio files to be private, mail in or deliver one (1) CD with audio samples, in the required format. Label the CD clearly with your full name/group name and your discipline (e.g. music). CDs will not be returned.

Image Format

A maximum of ten (10) JPGs in the order in which they are to be reviewed. JPG (.jpg) files only. Images must be under 2MB, 1920 pixels on the longest side and 72 dpi at least. Label your images in the following manner: 01_LastName. Example: 01_Rodriguez, 02_Rodriguez etc... Images will be presented one at a time during the application review process.

Way To Submit
Upload JPGs in the order in which they are to be reviewed, in the required format.

Manuscript Format

A writing sample, in English, of no more than ten (10) pages (plus one (1) cover page) with a minimum font size of 12 points. Include a cover page with your name and title of work(s) and label each page with your full name/group name.

Way To Submit
Portable Document Format (.pdf) or Word (.doc) only, in the required format.

Video Format

A maximum of three (3) work samples. Each applicant's work samples will be reviewed for a cumulative total of five (5) minutes maximum.

Way To Submit
External Site Upload:
You may submit up to three videos using Vimeo or YouTube. All submissions must be publicly accessible. You may not submit private files with a password (see mail in option). Once you have uploaded video selections that you would like the selection panel to review, indicate the URL (e.g. in your application, in the order in which you would like the videos reviewed. Work samples may not be submitted through other websites.

If you need your video to be private, please mail in or deliver One (1) DVD with a maximum of three (3) work samples in the order in which they are to be reviewed. DVDs must be clearly labeled with your full name/group name. DVDs will not be returned.

Mail In/Delivery Instructions

Applicants may mail in or hand-deliver work samples. Mailed materials must have a United State Postal Service postmark of March 1, 2017 and be sent to:

  • Attn: Art Projects
  • 4Culture
  • 101 Prefontaine Pl S
  • Seattle, WA 98104


STEP 3 - Sign in to fill out your application

Note: Please make sure you have prepared all documents to be uploaded prior to completing the application. Once you have started the process of applying online, you can save a draft, sign out, and your application will remain saved as a draft. You can then return to your application any time before the deadline to continue working or to make changes by signing in with username and password you created. Once you choose to submit your application to 4Culture, you will still be able to see your application, but you will not be able to make any more changes.

For technical questions about the online application system:

  • If you are an individual artist, contact Heather Dwyer at 206 263.1597
  • If you are representing an arts group or organization, contact Doreen Mitchum at 206 263.1605

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.


All applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting your application. These free workshops provide you an opportunity to ask questions, understand specific guidelines, and be taken through a step-by-step review of the application process.

City Location Dates Time
Seattle (Groups) 4Culture Offices January 26, February 2, 9, 16 Noon - 1pm
Seattle (Individual Artists) 4Culture Offices January 30, February 6, 13, 16
February 2
Noon - 1pm
6pm - 7pm*
Bothell Bothell Library, 18215 98th Avenue NE January 18 Noon - 1pm
Kent Kent Library, 212 2nd Avenue North January 25 Noon - 1pm
Auburn Muckleshoot Library, Muckleshoot Reservation
39917 Auburn Enumclaw Road SE,
February 1 Noon - 1pm
Issaquah Issaquah Library, 10 West Sunset Way February 8 Noon - 1pm
*Join us for this evening workshop and then visit galleries for First Thursday Art Walk. Free Parking at select garages.

In addition to our application workshops we offer a webinar, accessible on-line at any time. This webinar will show you how to create a 4Culture account and will walk you through the Art Projects application with helpful hints along the way.



How can I get help on my application?

Applicants are strongly advised to take advantage of the following helpful resources:

  • Plan ahead by reviewing the Sample Application and prepare written materials about your project, budget and work sample description, before you begin your on-line application. If you have limited or no computer access or limited computer experience, contact staff. We will do our best to help you complete an application.
  • Attend a free application workshop. Workshops are presented by 4Culture staff to help guide you through the application process. We also have workshops available on-line to help assist you.
  • Review successful applications submitted by others. You may visit our office to review successful project descriptions, project impact descriptions and sample budgets from past award recipients. Our resource room is generally open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.
  • Communicate with program staff about eligibility requirements, project ideas and other resources. All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact staff prior to preparing an application if there is a question about eligibility.

I received an award from 4Culture last year, can I apply again?

You may have received support from King County programs last year and still apply this year. You may not apply for the same phase of the project if you received funding for it in previous years. Please note that when applying for a different phase of the same project for which you received an award, your project may be less competitive.

What if the project I want to do is totally different than what I have done in the past?

If your project is different than what you have to present in your work samples, be sure to help the panelists understand why you are taking on this new challenge and how your past work demonstrates your ability to achieve this new kind of work. You should include this in the "project description" section of the application.

How much money can I apply for? Is there a limit on the request I can make to 4Culture?

We award funds in four fixed amounts: $2,500; $4,500; $6,500; or $8,500. Panelists may elect to fund an applicant at a lower level than requested, if they believe the project is still feasible at a lower award amount. Because panelists are artists and arts workers themselves, they know what things cost. Be honest about your needs. Panelists tend to score projects low if they feel the applicant's budget is inflated.

Can you give me an example of what "in-kind" support is? I don't get it.

Here is an example for you. Say your brother is letting you borrow a generator for your project, find out how much a generator would cost you to rent for the length of your project. That rental amount can be included in your budget under In-Kind, as support your brother is providing toward the project.

Can I apply if my project is produced by an organization supported by 4Culture's Sustained Support program?

If the project is a production of the organization, then no, you may not apply to Art Projects. However, if you are simply renting their facility or your project is not being produced by the organization, then yes, you may apply to Art Projects.

What is "Choice Criteria" and why do we have to select something?

Choice Criteria provides a way for you to determine how some of your application will be evaluated. Applicants will be organized and reviewed by the Choice Criteria you select. By empowering the applicant to determine part of the process, we believe panelists will be able to compare like-projects, which will help applicants be their most competitive. We think of it as asking the peer-panel to consider oranges and tangerines rather than apples and oranges. We don't have any one favorite. 4Culture values Artistic Development, Community Engagement and Sustained Value equally. See our tip sheet for more information.

Who is the person I contact if I have other questions?

If you are an individual artist, contact Heather Dwyer You can reach her via email or by phone at 206 263.1597

If you are representing an arts group or organization, contact Doreen Mitchum, You can reach her via email or by phone at 206 263.1605


Artist Title Award
Humaira AbidAnd I Was Seeking Equality in Love $6,500
Charhys BaileyJade Vogelsang presents EnVogue in Partnership with Groundswell Arts Collective $2,500
Christopher BueningGuerrilla Ceramica $2,500
Eduardo CalderónPhotography of Historic Bridges in King County $8,500
Anomie Belle CampbellFlux: Transcending Dystopia. A One-Woman Show $6,500
Therese CasperThe Underground Life of Piero Heliczer $4,500
Alfredo ChavezFolkloric Instruments, Rhythms, Music and Salomas of Panama $6,500
Kai ChenMid-Autumn Moon Festival Cello Concert $6,500
Lisa CohenConfessions of a Former Bully $4,500
Mary CossTaking Off the Gloves $8,500
Webster CrowellEclipse Tower I $6,500
Jade Solomon CurtisBlack Like Me: An Exploration of the Use of the Word Nigger $4,500
Kiana DavisVoices in the Shadows $4,500
Thione DiopSpirit of West Africa Festival 2017 $8,500
Rick DuPreeMom's Legacy: 36 Hours for Life $4,500
Karen FinneyfrockThe Year We Ruined the House $6,500
Eroyn FranklinMaleng 5 $2,500
Monique FranklinInspired Child Children's Open Mic & Workshops $8,500
Alan FulleThe Dream of Glass Morphology $6,500
Adriana GiordanoSeattle Latin, Brazilian & Caribbean Festival $8,500
Monica GripmanGhost Stories $6,500
Stephanie GuerraWriting Workshop for Incarcerated Teens $6,500
Tara HardyFather-Daughter Incest Memoir $4,500
Merna Ann HechtStories of Arrival: Refugee and Immigrant Youth Voices Poetry Project $8,500
Fred HoadleyAn Introduction to the Music of Cuba $6,500
BeAnne HullSky Art Week 2016 $4,500
Tessa HullsFeeding Ghosts: The Life of Sun Yi $6,500
Wes HurleyPotato Dreams of America $4,500
Robert HutchisonEarthwork (Re)Inhabited $4,500
Etsuko IchikawaJomon Vitrified: A New Body of Work $8,500
Katie JacobsonThe Honey Noble New Opera: A Musical-Dramatic Integration $6,500
Srivani JadeSoul Raga $6,500
Jim JewellThe Siblings Grimm $4,500
Brittani KarhoffWonder Full $2,500
Rachel KesslerProfanity Hill $6,500
Nicole KistlerErased $8,500
Elise KoncsekChoose Your Own Way - A life-size choose-your-own-adventure walking story $4,500
Ingrid Lahti EisenmanRippling Water, 2016 $4,500
Leslie LawSandbox Radio Live $8,500
George LeeThe Clothesline: A Temporary Sculpture Expanded Biweekly by East African Seamstresses in New Holly/Othello. $6,500
Veronica Lee-BaikGiselle Deconstruct $6,500
Casandra LopezA Few Notes On Grief $6,500
Sophie LoubereThe Waves: Virginia Woolf's Masterpiece Designed and Illustrated in Physical and Digital Forms $4,500
Vikram MadanVishnu Goes Low-Brow: When Mythology Meets Pop-Surrealism $2,500
Kaitlin McCarthyEight Abigails $6,500
Frances McCuePieces from a Demolition $6,500
Eduardo MendonçaFrom father to son .... from son to father. $4,500
Rosalie MillerWorth My Salt (Working Title) $4,500
Anelise MoonKnow Your Story, Know Your History $4,500
Jessica MooneyWhen I Find You $6,500
Peter MountfordIn The Rush Of All Everything, a novel $6,500
Annie Marie MusselmanWolf Haven Public Art Exhibition $6,500
Barbara NoonanPastel Paintings without Glass $2,500
Sean O'HeirCanoe Journey (working title) $8,500
Kate OlsonSyrinx Effect's First Full Length Album, Performances, and Workshops $6,500
Jennifer OttHistory of the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Chittenden Locks $2,500
Andrew PetersonSeattle Robotic Arts! $8,500
Cody PherigoThriving While Trans: A Manual Love $8,500
Tina PolzinBlood Wedding $6,500
Barbara RobertsonArchitectonic $4,500
Bill RobisonSuitcasing $2,500
Ruben Rodriguez PerezFight Fam $8,500
June SekiguchiUndercurrent: Pushing Material from Solid to Malleable $6,500
Benson SmithJunk Chime at 2016 Arts In Nature Festival $2,500
Ronald SmithThe Twisted Cabaret: A Soulful, Urban, Cabaret Production $6,500
Ethan SteinmanInnocence (Working Title) $6,500
Siang Hui Tay#ARTempowers Interactive Community Screening Event $6,500
Charlotte TienckenThe Cyclone Line $6,500
Timea TihanyiParlor Games: Scientia $4,500
W Scott TrimbleIt Starts with the Right Foundation $4,500
Melanie VoytovichJohn Cage Musicircus: A Celebration of Cage's Influence on Contemporary Music and Dance $4,500
Susanna WelbourneHolier Than Thou $4,500
Sharon WilliamsThe Consciousness of Love: A Maze in Me $4,500
Van WolfeVanFest Six $8,500
Amontaine Aurore WoodsDon't Call it a Riot! $4,500
Seayoung YimDo It For Umma $4,500
Huameng YuThe Oracle $8,500


Artist Title Award
Tarik AbouziedJazz Project Development, Recording, and School Presentations$8,500
Paul AnastasioNew Works in the Living Tradition of Mexico's Hot Lands$6,500
Stephen AnunsonThe Boy Who Lived Before$6,500
Rick AraluceThe Great Northern$6,500
Jo ArdingerPERSONHOOD$4,500
Anna BalintWords from the Cafe$4,500
John Harry BaluranThe Soufend Art Show$8,500
Sarah Bassingthwaighte"House of Doors" Concerto for Flute and Orchestra$4,500
Corrie BefortA Rendering$2,500
Tanya BrnoDownriver Hymns$2,500
Sheri BrownGALAANZA III/ Sea Hawk Spirit Seeks Justice$6,500
Paul BudraitisWorld premiere of Emily Conbere's "Knocking Bird"$4,500
Etienne CakpoDanceGarden: A Celebration of World Dance and Music$8,500
Claudia Castro LunaHow to Say Goodbye$2,500
Jessie ChenBeneath Tiananmen Square: Diaspora & Burial$6,500
Anna ConnerExercises for the unrested: The kingmaker$4,500
Kate Dandel80-Love Movie LLC$6,500
Savvy DaniFace on the Wall$8,500
Michelle de la VegaSUCCESSION$6,500
Carina del RosarioPassport Office and Series$6,500
August DenhardThe Silk Road: Trade and the Currency of Music$4,500
Amy EnserThe Buckaroos All-Male Revue Documentary$8,500
Gabriela FrankUgly Me$2,500
Noel FranklinGirl On A Road$4,500
Ari GlassThe Sun Is Made Of Gold$4,500
John GradeTransplant$6,500
Mandy GreerLabor Lost$8,500
Richelle GribbleMERGE: connectors, hubs, and links$2,500
Stephen GriggsPanama Hotel Jazz Performance Extension$8,500
Ricardo GuityWAGARAOUN(Our Ancestors Drum)$4,500
Bridget GunningSimulacra (Working Title)$4,500
Rudy HornOut of the Rough$8,500
Rochelle HouseFire: The New House Orchestra$6,500
Jason HuffThe Clay Bin$4,500
Clare JohnsonArt for 'Our Town'$4,500
Satpreet KahlonCraft School and Residency Professional Development$2,500
Lara KaminoffHow to Pick a Fight$4,500
Eunice KimNontoxic Printmaking: Ten-Year Survey Exhibition$6,500
Daniel KogitaDiaries of a Mad$6,500
Paul KomadaMonument in Memory: Abstract Alaskan Way$6,500
Robert KunzShout Out$4,500
James LapanThe Ballad of Luis Sojo$2,500
Maggie LeeThe Journey of the Bell$2,500
Spike MaffordLos Mezcaleros$6,500
Justin MaggartTres Reyes Magos - Bolero, Changüí & Son Cubano$8,500
Ricki MasonKitten N' Lou are... OVEREXPOSED!$6,500
Lori A MayWriter at Work: Where Passion Meets Profession$6,500
Amy O'NealOpposing Forces Documentary Part 2$4,500
Sean OsbornClarinettissimo 2015$2,500
D.K. PanTIME IS MEMORY (Seattle Sky)$4,500
Shin Yu PaiHeirloom$4,500
Michelle PeñalozaA Strange Constellation of Desires$4,500
erin pollock#LookUpSeattle, A Portrait Project.$6,500
Katherine PryorRead Your Greens$4,500
Marilyn RaichleThe Art of Alzheimer's: Changing the Way
We Think about Alzheimer's - One Painting at a Time
Grant RehnbergThe Family Connection$2,500
Tivon RiceFaçades$6,500
Gregory RubySyncopated Classic: Rediscovering the
Lost Compositions of Seattle Jazz Pioneer Frank D. Waldron
Sarah SamudrePromised Land$8,500
Mary ScottThe SOLO(s) Project$2,500
Che SehyunGrandma Project (HOPE)$4,500
Ann TeplickSnapped into Fractions$2,500
Linda TsatsanisWhen Miles met Monteverdi$6,500
Rosa VissersAnatomy of an Accident$4,500
Leah WarshawskiBIG SONIA Documentary$6,500
Nancy WhitlockLight & Dark - A to Z$2,500
David WilliamsStreet-Smart Walks: Exploring Seattle's Natural and Human History$2,500
Ben ZamoraMANDALA$6,500
Jennifer ZwickGallery4Culture solo show$6,500


Artist Title Award
Humaira Abid Art Exhibition $5,500
Natasha Alphonse Penland School of Craft Professional Development $3,500
Amy Benson The Girl Who Knew Too Much (South Asian Focus Panel) $7,500
Samantha Boshnack Global Concertos for Soloist and B'shnorkestra $5,500
Sara Brickman When Love is a Bad God- A Poetry Collection $3,500
Rulon Brown Phono Solo $5,500
Jessie Chen From The Earthworm To The Night $5,500
Jay Craig the Scottish Buddhist Cookbook $5,500
Tamalyn Dallal- Harris "Pockets of Treasure" $5,500
Kiana Davis From These Roots Up $3,500
Michelle de la Vega Plexus $3,500
August Denhard Musical Migrations Across the Americas, Europe and the Middle East $3,500
Alice Dubiel In Search of the Mulberry Mother $1,500
Karen Ducey You Are My Home: Street Pets in King County $1,500
Paige Edmiston Profiles in Superheroism $5,500
Neil Ferron The Lembke Boy $3,500
Karen Finneyfrock The Year We Ruined the House $3,500
Kathleen Flenniken New Work / Poetry Workshops for Children $5,500
Jacob Foran Residency at European Ceramic Workcentre $1,500
Gabriela Frank NaNoWriMo Live: A Novel Performance $3,500
Tory Franklin four seasons $3,500
Dakota Gearhart "Don't Say I Don't Know Anymore" $3,500
Stephanie Guerra Writing Workshop for Incarcerated Teens $5,500
Dayna Hanson Keep On Smiling That Beautiful Smile $1,500
Brendan Healy Outdoor Park Play, title TBD $1,500
Magdalena Hill Lavender Braid $3,500
Fred Hoadley An Introduction to the Music of Cuba $5,500
BeAnne Hull Sky Art Week 2014 $3,500
Etsuko Ichikawa Radiating Echoes $5,500
Sibyl James Publication of The Grand Piano Range $1,500
L. Zane Jones "A Streetcar Named Desire": Symbol, Myth, Theatre and American Identity $1,500
Jade Justad "Creased" $7,500
Rachel Kessler Hack $3,500
Bharti Kirchner In Season $1,500
Jason Schmidt Social Alienation and Other Rites of Passage $5,500
Jody Kuehner CAKES $3,500
Steven Markussen Veteran $7,500
Arlene Martinez Vazquez The Passion of Antigone Perez $3,500
Shannon McClatchey Presence and Absence photography exhibition $1,500
Devin McDermott Wayward $1,500
Kevin McHugh Seattle Meets Tokyo: Modern Jazz Connections $3,500
Michele Miller Michele Miller/Catapult Dance $3,500
Donna Miscolta Strong $5,500
Jeffrey Moidel Four Love Sonnets for Baritone and Orchestra $3,500
Shariana Mundi No Boundries 2014: Peripheral Visions $5,500
Mary Lee Nagy Sharing Bboy/Bgirl Culture with Youth $3,500
Frances Nelson Light Gathers in Folds $3,500
Ahamefule Oluo Now I'm Fine $7,500
Amy O'Neal Opposing Forces $7,500
Sean Osborn Clarinettissimo 2014 $1,500
Michael Owcharuk String Quartet #1: The Upward Spiral $5,500
Steven Peters Deep Songs $5,500
Clyde Petersen Torrey Pines $3,500
Art Petersen New Longhouse, Ancient Stories-Cedar Carvings of the Salish Longhouse $7,500
Maja Petric "Un Panorama" $7,500
Anne Drew Potter Vanitas: Physical Presence in the Digital Age $7,500
Nu Quang Lotus in the Flood $3,500
Monica Rojas-Stewart DE INGA Y MANDINGA: African Diaspora Artistic Routes to Latin America $7,500
John Romero Traditional Native Art of the Future $7,500
Bonnie J. Rough MAMA BARE $5,500
Serrah Russell Islanded $1,500
Jovino Santos Neto Jovino Santos Neto Quinteto Video Production 2014 $5,500
June Sekiguchi Conifer Inspired Installation for BAM $3,500
Darlene Sellers chop socky boom community engagement $3,500
Martha Silano Poems of Peril, Poems of Resilence: Writing the Effects of Global Climate Change $1,500
Daniel R. Smith NO DIRECTION BUT FICTION : Stories of Dream and Design from Iran $1,500
Ethan Steinman Chroma $7,500
Abdoulaye Sylla Increasing Access to West African Drumming $3,500
Anca Szilagyi Paralegal: A novel $1,500
Xin Hui Tan Dreams Unlimited $3,500
Rustin Thompson Zona Intangible $3,500
Teresa Thuman Street Scene $5,500
Suzanne Tidwell Meadow Aloft $5,500
Rezene Tsegai Walking Legends $7,500
James Valvis Shipwreck Poetry Book $1,500
Shontina Vernon Note to Self: Postcards from Cuba and Beyond $5,500
Robert Wade African American Leadership Portrait Project $3,500
Katherine Wallich Splurge Land (working title) $5,500
Brent Watanabe Process(ion) $5,500
Storme Webber Noirish Lesbiana $7,500
Hope Wechkin The Withing Project $3,500
Nilka Wherrette I'M/MIGRATION Unplugged $3,500
Mirta Wymerszberg Tango Music performance with acoustic instruments and electronic media $3,500
Vannra Yan The Cambodian American Stories $3,500


Artist Title Award
Abouzied, Tarik Jazz Recording and School Presentations $5,500
Alonso, Juan 8 Days in Havana (Book) $3,500
Anastasio, Paul Building a Mexican music curriculum and teaching it to King County and the world (via internet) $5,500
Andrews, Wesley Verbalists Intensive $1,500
Atkins, Rachel Black Like Us $3,500
Attie, Michael IN COUNTRY $5,500
Baker, Tom Deeply Lodged: A Night of Three Premieres $1,500
Barry, Daniel Celestial Rhythm Orchestra in Concert $5,500
Bassis, Lydia Place and Thing $1,500
Becker, Eric Place Capital: A Live Documentary about Cities and Human Connection $5,500
Benitez, Nilki I'M/MIGRATION $7,500
Berg, Erika Visual Stories by Refugee Youth $7,500
Bever, Lillias Adora: A Manuscript of Poems $3,500
Boshnack, Samantha Nellie Bly: Expositions of a Lasting Legacy $5,500
Call, Wendy Sqebeqsed to Tahoma: The Nature of 98118 $7,500
Campbell, Toby Consumed: A Critical Journey through the Emotional Landscape of Capitalism $5,500
Carrillo, Daniel The Seattle Artist Daguerreotype Portraits $1,500
Conner, Anna-Lizette Luna $1,500
Crowell, Webster Rocketmen $7,500
Edison, Suzanne Writing from the Heart of Illness and Healing $5,500
Edmiston, Steve Reinventing the Patriot: A New Breed of Superhero for the 21st Century $3,500
Ensign, Josephine Soul Stories $3,500
Finneyfrock, Karen Rainy November's Rock 'n Roll Love Affair $5,500
Fitzpatrick, Allen Icicle Creek Theatre Festival Expansion $5,500
Fulle, Alan Spiritual Playhouse $1,500
Fuller, Levi Songs and Pictures about Animals (for Kids!) $3,500
Gruber, Stefan Both Worlds #2 $5,500
Healey, Keri T.B.I. $5,500
Hoffman, Lorie Ann MAKE $3,500
Hull, BeAnne Sky Art Week $3,500
Huntsberger, Kristianne Tell it slant $5,500
Ichikawa, Etsuko Echo at Satsop $5,500
Johnson, Britta Shifting Vitals $3,500
Kallam, Sushma Walls & Tiger $7,500
Kavage, Sarah Field Work $5,500
Kikuchi, Paul Autonomic Series $3,500
Kinoshita, Yuri Tanjyo $3,500
Koenig, Martin There Came a Black Plague to Macedonia $5,500
Kravas, Heather Heather Kravas/the quartet $3,500
Kunz, Robb Tethered Untethered $5,500
Lahti, Ingrid Galaxy M51/Shimmering Reflections $1,500
Lee, Malika The Purification Process $3,500
Lee, Susie Operation Fuzzy Mouse $5,500
Lepore, Joanna Tenacious Instinct $1,500
Lester, Ana Push Arts New Media Festival $7,500
Li, Hengda Times: An Exploration of Dance $5,500
Loven, Kyle Mr. Moon $5,500
Mason, Ricki Future Purchase $5,500
Mattausch, Thomas Suikinkutsu and You: At the Hospital $1,500
Meyers, Susan Move: A Memoir of the Americas $5,500
Moidel, Jeffrey Pablo Neruda "Love Sonnets Suite" $5,500
Moore, Mary Margaret Creativity-in-toe across King County? A tour of solo-shows for our youngest audiences $7,500
Moravec, Kristina Urban Farm Life $1,500
Mundi, Shariana No Boundries 2013/4: Living Metaphores $5,500
Osborn, Sean Clarinettissimo 2013 $1,500
Park, Hannah Root and Stem From $1,500
Pendergast, Holly "Olivia" World of Women $3,500
Peterson, Andrew Seattle Robotic Arts! $5,500
Rice, Tivon Station Zero (tentative title) $5,500
Ricks, Ingrid Determined to See $5,500
Ruby, Gregory The Rhythm Runners - Prohibition Era Dance Music $5,500
Serrill, Ward Catching Fire: Clean Cook Stoves for Kenya $7,500
Steinman, Ethan Glacial Balance educational outreach $3,500
Stewart, Shannon The Abandonment Project $3,500
Tenenbaum, Molly The Whistling Ventriloquist $7,500
Tidwell, Suzanne Half Court Croque....Anyone? $5,500
Valenzuela, Rodrigo Maria TV $5,500
Viano, Hannah Wonder in the Woods $1,500
Villegas, Alma Alma Villegas pays tribute to Celia Cruz $3,500
Wallich, Katherine Super Eagle $5,500
Warshawski, Leah Big Sonia $7,500
Washuta, Elissa Starvation Mode $3,500
Williams, Austin Youth Media Boot Camp: Power to The Story $1,500
Wright, Carolyne Mother-of-Pearl Women (section from This Dream the World, a manuscript of poetry in progress) $3,500
Wright, Virginia Burien Culture Hub Arts " Culture Directory $1,500
Youngren, Dane The Lincoln Log Project $5,500


Artist Title Award
Rick Araluce The Slow Turning of the Night $7,500
Debra Baxter Six Pillows $4,500
Amy Benson Opportunity Costs $7,500
Leo Berk Home Made $1,500
Katherine Grace Bond LOOKING GLASS GIRL $1,500
Andrew Boscardin Tubatto! New Music for Electrified Large Ensemble $7,500
Debi Chatterjee Ragas on Sitar in Seattle -- Debi Prasad Chatterjee $4,500
Celeste Cooning Cut Paper; Tradition Meets Innovation $4,500
Kevin Craft Vagrants & Accidentals $4,500
Seth Damm Art Lending Library $7,500
Savvy Dani Shiva's Dance $1,500
Amy Denio Mythunderstandings $7,500
Ryan Fedyk Keep Sink $7,500
Christy Fisher Keepsake $4,500
Maria Esther Gamboa La Bola $4,500
David Gassner 99 Layoffs $4,500
Aaron Grad The Fable of the Voice $7,500
Stephen Griggs Joe Brazil Project $4,500
Gail Grinnell Ruffle $4,500
Dayna Hanson The Clay Duke $7,500
Jesse Higman Two Painting Tables $7,500
Fred Hoadley An Introduction to the Music of Cuba $7,500
Jill Hodges Extended Family $4,500
Robin Holcomb We Are All Failing Them $4,500
Fran Holt Carousel Horses: Celestial Mythologies $4,500
Etsuko Ichikawa Glass Pyrograph on Beach $7,500
Srivani Jade Raag-rang: A musical presentation of Indian miniature style paintings $4,500
Eirik Johnson Re-purposing America: Makeshift Architecture and Informal Economies $4,500
Eunice Kim Nontoxic Printmaking: Solo Exhibition $1,500
Bharti Kirchner Fire & Silk: A novel writing project $4,500
Hengda Li Dream of the Golden Clown: A Chinese Acrobatic Dance Drama $4,500
Etta Lilienthal APEX $7,500
Darian Lindle The Secret and Impossible League of the Noösphere $1,500
Fred Lisaius Amber $1,500
Tess Martin 'Everyone calls me Mario' animated short $7,500
Frances McCue Temperaments and Terrains: Portraits and Landscapes $7,500
Anne McDuffie Deep Geography $1,500
Joshua McNichols Kurdish Ghost Story $4,500
Denise Calvetti Michaels Rustling Wrens $1,500
Donna Miscolta The Education of Angie Rubio $4,500
John Mullen The Kwahnice Story Pole Project: Restoration of Coast Salish Carving Traditions $7,500
Paul Mullin Philosophical Zombie Killers $7,500
Shariana Mundi No Boundries: Endings & Beginnings $4,500
Lucia Neare Dream for Dottie Harper Park $7,500
Chris Papa Big Epiphyte $1,500
Jason Parker Homegrown $1,500
Serene Clyde Petersen On becoming a Man: Fanning the Flames of Transgendered Identity - Part 2 $7,500
Andrew Peterson South Shore Robotic Arts! $7,500
Nicolas Rey ST RED Wall: The Architecture of Endlessness $4,500
Susan Rich Artful Magician: Poetry from Hannah Maynard's Photos $4,500
Paul Rucker Retrograde Inversion $4,500
Michael Schein The Killer Poet poems $4,500
Charlotte Sherman God's Long Bones: a novel $7,500
David Shields How Literature Saved My Life $1,500
David W Simpson Beach House $4,500
Kathleen Skeels Hard Times $1,500
Ethan Steinman Induction $7,500
Nicki Sucec Ascension $4,500
Abdoulaye Sylla Sengbe Dance Instruction DVD $7,500
Kevin Tomlinson Stirring the Fire $7,500
Daniel Torok The Otherside $7,500
Stokely Towles Behind the Wheel: Life on the Metro Bus $7,500
Genevieve Tremblay Genetic Visibility: Gerri Ondrizek's Art Residency at UW Genetics: 3 public scholarship forums $4,500
Rosa Vissers Pull $1,500
David Wild Howdy Pardner - Tales of the Cowboy Hat $4,500
Freya Wormus falter $4,500


Artist Title Award
Cakpo, Etienne Mikwaabo Benin (Welcome to Benin) $5,000
Li, Hengda Rhythm of Dance - Songs of Four Seasons $7,000
Scofield, Zoe Choreography and Performance for A Crack in Everything $5,000
Smith, Ronald Live in the Drum $7,500
Stewart, Shannon A Better Container/Memory (Loss) Bank $5,000
Sylla, Abdoulaye Abdoulaye Sylla's African Dance Instruction Video $6,900
Veatch, Jenna Bean Sideshow $3,000
Wolf, Deborah Iron Works $2,700
Wormus, Freya hold on anyway $4,000
Boyd, Julia The Weight of My World; The Silent Epidemic of
African American Women and Emotional Eating
Call, Wendy Made in America: Four Corners of a Life $7,000
Cook, Langdon The Mushroom Hunters: On the trail of an
Underground Economy
Ensign, Josephine Catching Homelessness $1,450
Finneyfrock, Karen Starbird Murphy and the World Outside $3,000
Keith, Jourdan Coyote Autumn $4,500
Leissle, Kristy Chocolate Justice: Changing the way we eat,
one chocolate at a time
Min, Larissa Breaking English $5,000
Mountford, Peter Demolition, a novel $4,000
Munro, Jennifer D. Stalled: Stuck with a Bitch Helmet instead of a Baby $5,200
Pereira, Peter World Without End: poems of calamity and hope $3,000
Rose, William Danger: Journaling! $3,000
Silano, Martha Poems about Astronomy, Physics, and other Mysteries $6,000
Zurbano, Maritess Rites of Enchantment: A Memoir $5,500
Andersen, Bruce trailer Park Cinema $5,500
Basseri, Etan Backstory: Iran $1,450
Czoski, Anna Architecture of Movement: Dance Performance with
Real-time Sound and Graphics
Helde, John 120 ACRES: AN AMERICAN FARM $5,000
Kelley, Cory Whimsy: The Life and Work of Scot Augstson $8,000
Mackie, Jeremy While You Weren't Looking $8,000
Martin, Tess 'Cat Person' animated short $6,000
Nixon, David The Ogre That Mangled The Birth-Fetching Tongs $3,800
Oaksen, Heather Dew Minor Differences $6,000
Petersen, Serene Clyde On becoming a Man: Fanning the Flames of
transgendered Identity
Strickwerda, Francine Oil & Water - A Documentary Film $7,000
Warshawski, Leah "Film Festival: Rwanda" Documentary $8,000
Watanabe, Brent Untitled gallery installation at 4Culture Gallery $3,040
Wild, David Howdy Pardner-Tales of the Cowboy Hat $8,000
Anschell, Bill Electronic Music CD, plus Lecture/Demonstration
and Downloads
Campbell, Toby Anomie Belle String Quartet $7,500
Chang Schulman, Julie Sliding Scale $1,450
Clausen, Andy Andy Clausen Wishbone Ensemble Workshops,
Recording and Performance
Fleenor, Beth Mother May I $6,000
Horvitz, Wayne Smokestack Arias $6,000
Osborn, Sean Clarinettissimo 11 $1,100
Owcharuk, Michael 2011 A Tune A Day $3,000
Ruby, Gregory New Works for Chamber Jazz $2,510
Vogan, Brian 3rd Children's CD $7,000
Cano, Rose Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Homeless in Seattle $6,000
Dillon, Lori Interview Me $3,500
Goller-Sojourner, Chad Riding in Cars with Black People: Memoirs of a Post Honorary
White Childhood
McGuigan, Brian "Fat Fuck"": a lecture slideshow (work-in-progress) $5,000
Neare, Lucia Professor Pomme's Pomp and Pastry Paradoxicals $7,000
Alonso, Juan Rugs $4,810
Bent, Gala Drawing from Drawing $5,000
Bradbury, Jean Painting the Small Farms of the Snoqualmie Valley $3,200
Bruch, Cris Roll On, Buddy $3,900
Calderon, Eduardo Photographic Portraits of Visual Artists in King County $7,000
DiPietro, Nathan Environment/human interactions $5,000
Elliott, Eric A New Series of Works on Paper $2,500
Freeman, Charlene Iron Horses $2,160
Grade, John Snoqualmie Superstitions $6,200
Greer, Mandy "Through tempest, frost, or heat -- we live our patient
day's allotted span."
Hoff, Christopher 1:1 $3,000
Holt, Fran "Carousel Horses: A Girl's Favorite Dream" $1,000
Ingalls, Pam A Vashon Islander Faces The World $4,000
Layman, Isaac Eden [working title] $6,000
Lee, Susie The Cultural Caregivers $7,000
Livingston, Margie Paint Objects $7,500
Peterson, Andrew South Shore Robotic Arts! $5,500
Segundo, Sondra Simone Northwest Coast Native Formline Art Made Easy $5,000
Tur, Sylwia Interactive Canvases $5,000
Ziegler, Ellen LOOSELEAF: artist book series $3,000


Artist Title Award
Allin, A. K. Mimi Studies in Everything 1,000
Augustson, Scot Where the River Styx Meets Route 66 3,000
Baker, Tom HUNGER 3,500
Barlow, John Pate de verre cast glass house 1,000
Basinger, Alicia Creation of New Work (Sculptural Chandeliers) 2,500
Baxter, Debra Language Lattice 3,500
Bent, Zack Future Primitive 3,000
Bodle, Carrie Video Visualizations 3,500
Borges Foster, Jennifer Filter Literary Journal, Vol. 3 3,000
Boshnack, Samantha The Boshnack Boshnorkestra 5,000
Braun, Jo 69 Insecurities 4,000
Calderon, Eduardo Photographic Portraits of Visual Artists in King County 5,000
Calhoun, Jessie BUCKETS 6,000
Callender, Sarah Between the Sun and the Oranges 3,000
Carrillo, Daniel Seattle Artists Portraits Project 3,500
Case, Margot Kahn Territory: Land Use in the American West 5,000
Choi, Bo Y. Pink Dream 3,000
Cook, Langdon Eat on the Wild Side: America's Most Famous Foraged Foods 4,000
Coy, Diego traditional Music of Colombia 2,500
de la Vega, Michelle Dream House 1,050
DiPietro, Nathan Seabrook 2,350
Encke, Jeff Never a Tattoo Painted Without Tears 2,500
Fife, Scott "Ghost Print" 4,000
Franklin, Eroyn Detained 5,880
Gantulga, Urtnasan The Art of Morin Khuur; bringing the traditions of Mongolian Horsehead Fiddle to Seattle 2,500
Garcia, Alma Shallow Waters 3,000
Gold, Richard "Now, It's Like I'm Drowning," poetry from King County Juvenile Detention 3,500
Grade, John Circuit 8,000
Griffiths, Megan The Off Hours 8,000
Gruber, Stefan Both Worlds, part 1 of 3 6,000
Heutink, Kevin Out On A Limb 6,000
Ichikawa, Etsuko NACHI - between the eternal and the ephemeral - 5,000
James, Sibyl West African Memoir 2,000
Jannausch, Todd Gallery 40 3,000
Jaqua, Alianna 34 Candles - a one-woman show with other people in it 3,800
Kardinal, Shaun Bumperstickers 1,000
Kikuchi, Paul Paul Kikuchi: Site-responsive works for percussion 3,500
Koenig, Martin Close to the Bone: Sights and Sounds of Bulgaria,
1966-1979 Photo Exhibit
Landreth, Molly Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America 4,000
LaRue, JaWaan Saturn Returns 1,000
Lebo, Kate Poetry Manuscript: Assumptions About Land 3,000
Lee, Susie Video Portraiture 4,000
Lin, Tiffany Li Chin This Old Piano 1,500
Lisaius, Fred Cast Resin Found Object Amber 1,000
Loven, Kyle Crandal's Bag 4,500
Manch, Allison The Falling Room 1,800
Martin, Tess Plain Face animated short 6,000
McKee, Anna Ice Land 2,700
McKee, Paul D New Artwork Production for 2010 5,000
McMullen, Chris Crank-e-joes 2,600
Miscolta, Donna Comings and Goings 6,000
Mohajerjasbi, Zia Yesler Short Film Project 6,000
Morris, Quinton Preservation and Performance of Pioneer Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges 3,500
Morrison, Suzanne Optimism, An Autobiographical Monologue 1,000
Musselman, Annie Marie For The Innocent 6,500
Nelson, Peter New Work - Green Seattle 5,000
Niederhauser, Marissa Rae stifle 2,000
Nienow, Matthew The End of the Folded Map 4,000
Nishimura, Haruko Red Shoe Butoh 6,500
Nixon, David Center-Cut Ham Dinner Night Slide Show 6,000
Olds, Matthew Beall Greenhouses as source 3,000
Pearson, Robert Daryl 1,000
Pelo, Ann Taking Root: Connecting People and Place on the Farm 3,000
Petri, Maja Skies 6,000
Rudd, Karen Last Stand at OK Hotel 4,500
Sekiguchi, June Artist in Residency to Laos 2,000
Sharma, Arun Kumar '(de)composition' at the Bellevue Arts Musuem 3400
Silano, Martha My Next Book: Poems Inspired by Art, Animals,
& Outer Space
Silha, Stephen Big Joy Project 3,000
Skura, Stephanie Two Huts 2,000
Solís, Hugo Plurifocal digital sound station 1,500
Spangler, Catherine Multimedia Slideshow: The Night Sky Through the Eyes of Backyard Astronomers 1,200
Surgent, April City Dwellers 4,000
Taylor, Curtis Black Swans 3,500
Taylor, John The Four Elements / Love and Strife 1,650
Teplick, Ann The Beauty of a Beet: Poems from the Bedside 2,870
Towles, Stokley trash Talk: the Social Life of Garbage 5,000
trimpin Publication of "trimpin: Contraptions for Art and Sound" 5,000
Vadeboncoeur, Katjana The Beebo Brinker Chronicles 7,500
Vandegrift, Persephone First Fifteen 1,000
Varner, Tom New Work for Tom Varner Tentet 1,500
Ward, Laura Ghost Skins 3,900
Wayson, Kary The Lives of Artists 3,000
Worsley, Ryan Recycled Windowpane Paintings 1,000
  TOTAL 300,000


Organization Title Award
Art of Alzheimer'sThe Art of Alzheimer's - Outreach Initiative $8,500
At the Ridge TheatreAt The RIdge Theatre Musical Theatre Camps for Children $2,500
Au CollectiveAu Collective Showcase and Workshop Series $4,500
Ballard Civic Orchestra, Young Strings Project OutreachCelebrating Hispanic Cultural Heritage, Ballard Civic Orchestra Concert Series $5,000
BEGOEast Cherry Street Festival: Little Ethiopia Celebrating Music, Song, Dance! $4,500
Cabbage Tree MobVegetable Wisdom $2,500
Chalet Arts Showcase Theater4th Annual Enumclaw Music and Arts Festival $4,500
City of ShorelineGhosts & Dragons: Chinese-Inspired Community Art $4,500
Common Tone ArtsSACI - A Brazilian Folktale $8,500
CultureWorksTime Out of Joint: Teaching Shakespeare in Prison $6,500
Dia De Muertos Committee SeattleDia De Muertos Festival (Day of the Dead Festival) $2,500
Dream Chaser International Youth TheatreDrama production of "Where Am I" $4,500
Endangered Species ProjectThe Norman Conquests $2,500
Espacio de ArteFlamenco Dance and Beyond... Fusions and Traditions $2,500
FaunixMy Brain Is A Radio $5,000
Festa ItalianaThe Italian Festival at Seattle Center $2,500
Forward Flux ProductionsForward Flux Productions presents The Wedding Gift by Chisa Hutchinson $5,000
FREE2LUVFree2BeME Project: A Journey of Self-Discovery Through a Visual Art Diary $8,500
Friendship AdventuresFriendship Adventures $7,500
Georgetown Merchants AssociationGeorgetown Carnival: Art, Music & More! $6,500
Tess Martin for Haptic AnimationHaptic Animation Amplifier Website & Launch Party $2,500
Honk Fest WestHonk Fest West - Free Fanfare Performances from Local and Visiting Community Street Bands $4,500
Intersecting East and WestIntersecting East and West Through Art, Poetry and Revolution $2,500
Iraqi Women Association in KentIraqi Culture Participation at Kent International Festival 2016 $2,500
Kruckeberg Botanic Garden FoundationCommunity Art Project: Glowing Art for the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden's Solstice Stroll $2,500
La SalaLa Sala presents 'La Cocina /The Kitchen' $8,500
Lake Washington Symphony OrchestraNovember Concert Series $8,500
LelavisionA Murmur in Time $8,500
Tracy Rector for Longhouse MediaYou Are On Indigenous Land $8,500
MAP TheatreGreensward, by R. Hamilton Wright $4,500
North Corner Chamber Orchestra NOCCO Celebrates African American Classical Composers $8,500
Northwest Museum of Legends and LoreEntertainers for Capitol Hill Pride Festival March and Rally $4,500
Lindsay Tosch for Northwest Roots FestivalNorthwest Roots Festival $4,500
Open Space for Arts and CommunityKinetic Art Explosion $6,500
Pacific Bonsai MuseumDecked-Out: From Scroll to Skateboard $2,500
PUNCH GalleryDemolition Derby $5,000
Joshua Okrent for Punk Rock Flea MarketPunk Rock Flea Market 10th Anniversary $4,500
Hugo Cruz-Moro for Recovery CafeRecovery Cafe Windows $4,500
Rong Rong Chinese Folk ChoirRong Rong 40th Anniversary Concert $2,500
Seagull ProjectThe Cherry Orchard $7,500
Silver Kite Community Arts, LLCUmbrella: A Silver Kite Community Arts Intergenerational Theatre Company Production $5,000
Sixth Day DanceEngage Dance! $4,500
Tales Of The AlchemistsLost and Found in Love: An Evening of Jewish Stories from the Shtetl and Beyond by Isaac Bashevis Singer $3,000
Theater SimpleThe Gulliver Project $6,500
Tribes ProjectBlanket of Fear $8,500
United Indians of All Tribes FoundationPow Wow 2016 Visual Artist $6,500
Vashon Island ChoraleBombast and Beauty $4,500
Vidyalakshmi Vinod for Nrityalaya School of DanceShiva - The eternal one $4,500


Organization Title Award
AfroLatino FestivalAfrolatino Festival Seattle 2015$7,500
American Romanian Cultural Society"One Eye Laughing, One Eye Crying:Tales of Resistance",
The 2nd Romanian Film Festival in the Pacific Northwest
Aurora Theatre ComapnyFiddler on the Roof$3,500
Bellevue Downtown AssociationBellevue Jazz Festival$3,250
Brain Injury Association of Washington dba Brain Injury Alliance of WashingtonBrain Injury Art Show$2,500
Brazil Arts & Education LLCSteps$4,250
Bus Shelter Mural ProgramMirroring Life: Photographic Artworks on Bus Shelters$4,250
City of BothellMusic in the Park$2,250
Daughters of ImmigrationDaughters of Immigration$2,250
Dreams Unlimited#DreamsUnlimited @KING COUNTY$5,000
Eastside Nihon Matsuri AssociationAki Matsuri 2015$5,000
El Centro de la RazaDia de los Muertos 2015/2016$3,500
Friends of Third Place CommonsMusic 101: Musical Genres Across Generations$3,250
From Within NucleusORIGINS OF DANCE: A Hindu Mythological Legend$2,500
Highlands Council"I AM" Program by the PNWAAQ Association$5,500
Imagination TheatreSummer Workshop 2015$3,500
Iranian American Community AllianceSeattle Iranian Festival$4,250
Lit Crawl SeattleLit Crawl Seattle 2015$5,000
Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural FestivalKahulanui, Headlining Entertainment$4,250
Luck Ngi Musical ClubLuck Ngi Musical Club 77th Anniversary Celebration$2,250
Mirror Stage CompanyMirror Stage's staged reading series$2,250
Mount Baker Neighborhood Center for the ArtsWorkshop and Reception 25th Anniversary of the
American with Disabilities Act
Movimiento Afrolatino SeattleAfro-Latino Arts Education Season, Fall 2015$4,250
Museum of History and IndustryThe Legacy of Seattle Hip Hop Exhibition$4,250
My World Dance StudioThe Ziryab Collective: Celebrations Through Dance$4,250
Navarro, VickiFall Family Concert$1,500
North Bend Downtown FoundationArt and Artist Showings/Receptions$5,750
Northwest African American MuseumHarmon and Harriet Kelley Art Collection: Art Workshop Series$3,250
Open Space for Arts and CommunityPopART Putt Putt at Open Space$2,250
Pista Sa NayonPista sa Nayon 2015 Special Projects$2,250
ProForumThe Social Justice Film Festival$5,000
Rainbow City BandRainbow City Band Commissioned Musical Piece$4,250
Rainier Beach Merchants AssocArt Walk Rainier Beaech$2,250
Renton Annual Art ShowRenton Annual Art Show$2,250
Sapience Dance CollectiveCONVERGE 2016$2,500
Savani Latin Jazz QuartetLatin Jazz Participatory King County Tour$4,500
Sea Mar Community Health CentersFiestas Patrias 2015$3,250
Seattle Center FoundationFestál 2015$4,250
Seattle Collaborative OrchestraListen to the Girls$3,500
Seattle Gdynia Sister City Association23rd Seattle Polish Film Festival$2,250
Seattle Indian Health BoardSpirit of Indigenous People's Day$4,250
Seattle Kokon TaikoSeattle Kokon Taiko 35th Anniversary Concert and Workshop$2,500
Seattle Latino Film Festival7th Annual Seattle Latino Film Festival$4,250
Short RunShort Run Comix and Arts Festival 2015 and 2016$8,500
SPokenword LAB SPLABCascadia Innovative Poetry Panels$5,000
Sundiata African American Cultural AssociationFestival Sundiata Black Arts Fest 2015$4,250
Tasveer10th Seattle South Asian Film Festival$8,500
Theatre Battery2015 Season -- A MAZE$3,500
Tibetan Association of WashingtonTibetFest 2015$2,250
TlaloktekuhtliDia De Los Muertos: Indigenous Cultural Renovation in South Park$6,500
Upper Bear Creek Community CouncilMusic in the Park at Cottage Lake$2,500
Vedic Cultural CenterAnanda Mela 2015 : Joyful Festival of India$5,000
Vela Luka Cultural Productions31st Annual July 4th Naturalization Ceremony$5,000
White Center Community Development AssociationImmigrant Integration through Visual Storytelling$8,500
White River Valley MuseumSERVICE INK, Veterans' Tattoos and Their Stories$2,250
World KulturzWelcome to Our Native Land Powwow and
Coastal Cultures Celebration
YMCA of Greater SeattleCommunity and Diversity: A Teen Art Installment Project$2,500


Organization Title Award
100 Innovative Cascadia Poets 100 Innovative Cascadia Poets  $ 1,500
14/48 Projects, The 14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival  $ 3,500
AfroLatino Festival Afrolatino Festival Seattle 2014  $ 3,500
American Romanian Cultural Society Romanian Film Festival  $ 3,500
Anything is Possible Theatre Co. Robin Hood  $ 3,500
At the Ridge Theatre Professional Development for Production Team and Cast  $ 3,500
Auburn Art Walk Auburn Art Walk  $ 1,500
Authors, Publishers & Readers of Independent Literature APRIL's 2015 Festival  $ 3,500
Bellevue Downtown Association 2014 Bellevue Jazz Festival  $ 3,500
Brownbox Theatre Black Like Us  $ 3,500
Burien Interim Art Space Night of 1000 Pumpkins: A Day of the Dead Celebration  $ 1,500
Burke Museum Association Bill Holm Center Anniversary Exhibit  $ 1,500
Bus Shelter Mural Program Mirroring Life:  Photograhic Artworks on Bus Shelters  $ 3,500
CabinFever Saultations  $ 1,500
City of Shoreline Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Piano Time 2014: A Street Piano Event  $ 3,500
Common Acre Flight Path  $ 3,500
Cultura Viva Mexica New Year Celebration  $ 3,500
Deaf Spotlight 2nd Biennial Play in American Sign Language  $ 1,500
Deep Green Wilderness The Unknown Sea: A Voyage on the Salish  $ 1,500
Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association Aki Matsuri 2014  $ 3,500
El Centro de la Raza Dia de los Muertos 2014  $ 1,500
Emerald Ballet Theatre Arts Alive Edu-tainment Performance  $ 3,500
Endangered Species Project Once in a Lifetime  $ 1,500
EnJoy Productions RED  $ 1,500
Extraordinary Futures SOBEBA  $ 3,500
Friends of Third Place Commons A Little Night Music  $ 1,500
Georgetown Merchants Association Georgetown Carnival: Art, Music and More!  $ 1,500
Grupo Bayano Afrolatino Arts Education Season, Fall 2014  $ 1,500
The Hansberry Project The Rent Party  $ 5,500
HonkFest West HONK! Fest West 2014  $ 5,500
Karin Stevens Dance KSD with the Samantha Boshnack Jazz Quintet  $ 1,500
Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra The Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra  $ 1,500
Lelavision Heavy Metal DaVices Light  $ 1,500
Lit Crawl Seattle Lit Crawl Seattle 2014  $ 3,500
Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival Sean Na´auao Headlining Entertainment  $ 3,500
MAP Theatre Art of Bad Men  $ 1,500
Middle Eastern Dance & Music by Suzanna & Friends Cinderella- An Egyptian Story  $ 3,500
Miho & Diego Duo A Musical Trip Around the World  $ 1,500
Mirror Stage Company Feed Your Mind 2014-15 season  $ 1,500
Multimedia Resources and Training Institute Generation through the Lens  $ 3,500
My World Dance Studio Ahlan! Women's Arabic Dance  $ 1,500
NEPO House NEPO 5k Don't Run 2014  $ 3,500
Northwest Heritage Resources Building New Audiences for Traditional Arts  $ 5,500
Open Space for Arts and Community Sunday Social Hour  $ 1,500
Pacific Northwest Writers Association Young Authors Day  $ 1,500
Path with Art Collective Art Relay  $ 5,500
Pista Sa Nayon Pista Sa Nayon 2014 25th Anniversary Celebration  $ 3,500
ProForum Social Justice Film Festival  $ 5,500
Rainier Beach Merchants Assoc 2014 Art Walk Rainier Beach  $ 3,500
SAMA SAMA in Seattle  $ 3,500
Sanpomichi Film LLC Sanpomichi  $ 3,500
Seagull Project, The The Seagull Project  $ 1,500
Seattle Center Foundation FESTAL 2014  $ 7,500
Seattle Latino Film Festival Seattle Latino Film Festival 2014  $ 5,500
Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra 2014 International Composition Competition and Premieres  $ 1,500
Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2015 Seattle True Independent Film Festival  $ 1,500
SEAWEED Mt. Infinity  $ 1,500
Short Run Short Run Comix and Arts Festival  $ 5,500
Spectrum Creative Alliance Trading Card Project  $ 3,500
Tasveer 9th Seattle South Asian Film Festival  $ 5,500
Thalia's Umbrella A Lesson From Aloes, by Athol Fugard  $ 1,500
Theatre Battery 2014 Summer Season  $ 1,500
Tlaloktekuhtli Dia De Los Muertos: Indigenous Culture
in South Park
 $ 3,500
Up Front Art Rookery Nest Project 2014  $ 1,500
Vedic Cultural Center Ananda Mela 2014 : Joyful Festival of India  $ 5,500
Visual Contact The Maker Series  $ 3,500
White River Valley Museum New Exhibit: Of A Feather: Artists, Birds and the Northwest  $ 1,500
World Kulturz Welcome to Our Native Land Powwow  $ 3,500


Organization Title Award
AfroLatino Festival AfroLatino Festival 2013 $3,500
Allied Arts of Renton Fall Family Concert $1,500
American Asian Performing Arts Theatre Ode to Spring - 2014 Chinese Horse New Year Celebration $3,500
APRIL (Authors-Publishers-And-Readers) APRIL's 2014 Festival $1,500
Arts of Kenmore Kenmore City Hall Art Gallery $2,500
Auburn Art Walk Auburn Art Walk 2013 $1,500
Bellevue Downtown Association 2014 Bellevue Jazz Festival $3,500
Bhutanese Community Resource Center BCRC Declaration Day $2,500
Boxley Music Fund North Bend Jazz Walk - 2013 $5,500
Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center Our Magical Bulgarian Christmas $3,500
Burien Rotary Music4Life: 2013 Boeing Employees Chorale Christmas Concert $2,000
Bus Shelter Mural Program Mirroring Life: Photographic Artworks on Bus Shelters $5,500
Bushwick Book Club Seattle Bushwick Book Club Seattle: Teen Workshop $5,500
Chalet Arts Showcase Theater Chalet Music and Arts Festival $5,500
City of Bothell Music in the Park $3,000
City of Covington 2013 Covington Outdoor Summer Concert Series $3,000
City of Shoreline Parks: Recreation &Cultural Services Piano Time 2: a Street Piano Event $5,500
City of Woodinville Celebrate Woodinville Summer Concert Series $3,000
Cultura Viva Mexica New Year Celebration $3,500
Cultural Pursuits 2013 Concert: Sound of the Northwest $3,500
De CaJON Project 2013 Seattle Atajo de Negritos $3,500
Deaf Spotlight Broken Spokes a play in American Sign Language $3,500
Degenerate Art Ensemble Predator's Songstress: The Dictator $3,500
Des Moines Legacy Fund Art on Poverty Bay $1,500
Drybones Costly Desires $1,500
Eastside Nihon Matsuri Aki Matsuri 2014 $3,500
Friends of Third Place Commons Market Music $3,500
From Within Nucleus Navarasa Narthana Ganapathy $1,500
Gay City Health Project Gay City Anthologies: Volume 6 $3,500
HonkFest West HONK! Fest West $3,500
Imagination Theatre Summer Theatre Workshop $2,000
KCTS Television- aka -KCTS 9 JAZZED! A KCTS 9 Youth-focused Documentary $3,500
Kent International Festival 2013 Kent International Festival $3,000
Kirkland Summerfest Kirkland SummerFest's Fish Frolic $4,000
Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra Orchestra Debut/Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra $5,500
Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival Raiatea Helm Headlining Entertainment $3,500
Luck Ngi Musical Club The 75th Anniversary Celebration $5,500
Maiwut South Sudanese Refugee Services South Sudanese Dance Festival $2,000
Miho & Diego Duo Musical Trip Around the World $1,500
NEPO House NEPO 5k Don't Run 2013 $5,500
New Age Industries Jazz Performance Video $3,500
Northwest Heritage Resources Building New Audiences for Traditional Arts $5,500
ONN_OFF ONN/OFF 2014 $5,500
Open Space for Arts and Community Sunday at 4: A New Series All-Ages Art & Performance $1,500
Othello Park Alliance Othello Park International Music & Art Festival $3,500
Pacific Northwest Latin Jazz Orchestra Pacific Northwest Latin Jazz Orchestra $5,500
Pista sa Nayon Pista Sa Nayon 2013 $5,500
Powerful Voices DYVAS (Develop Your Voice And Speak) $3,500
Radost Folk Ensemble Dunava Concert $1,500
Renton Art Show Renton Annual Art Show, 2013 $2,500
Sea Mar Community Health Centers Fiestas Patrias Community Festival $5,500
Seattle Chamber Players Icebreaker VII: OPEN SOURCE $5,500
Seattle Contemporary Seattle Fringe Festival 2013 $5,500
Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble New Works: an annual event $3,500
Seattle Modern Orchestra 21st-Century Cello! $3,500
Seattle Rock Orchestra New Works for Orchestra Concert $3,500
Sevdah North America 7th Annual Sevdah: The Love Songs of Bosnia & Herzegovina $1,500
SHAG Rainier Valley Rainier Court 4th Annual Community Festival $1,500
Shep Films Prospect $5,500
Short Run Short Run Small Press Fest $5,500
Sno-Valley Tilth Art that Engages: a space for art in Carnation $3,500
Somali Youth & Family Club Somali Youth Cultural Dance Group $3,500
StoneDance Chop Shop: Bodies of Work, A Contemporary Dance Festival $5,500
theater simple OWL & PUSSYCAT $5,500
Tibetan Association of Washington Tibet Fest $3,500
TRIBE-olution Roots of Hip Hop in Traditional Cultures $3,500
Ulrich - Graczyk - Baldoz Cacophony for 8 Players $1,500
Up Front Art Rookery Project 2013 $3,500
Upper Bear Creek Community Council Music in the Park at Cottage Lake $1,500
VALA Eastside Artist in Residence with Debbie Donaway $1,500
Vashon Island Chorale Vashon Suite $3,500
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Original Artwork for Vashon Native Heritage Exhibit $3,500
Vedic Cultural Center Ananda Mela : Joyful Festival of India $5,500
WA Elder Care Fed Way Bringing the Community Together Through Music $3,500
West Hill Community Council Skyway Outdoor Cinema Festival $3,500
Zamani Culture House Orientalia Festival $5,500


Organization Title Award
206 Zulu Zulu Jam: Hip Hop History Month Edition $1,800
American Jewish Committee Seattle Jewish Film Festival $3,000
Ameyaltonal Seattle Mexica New Year Celebration $4,000
At the Ridge Theatre Musical Production/ Children's Theatre Camp $1,600
Auburn Valley Creative Arts Beginning presence in Downtown Auburn $1,200
Balagan Theatre Free Summer Theatre in the Parks $4,000
Bellevue Downtown Assoc. 2013 Bellevue Jazz Festival $4,000
Bothell Regional Library Dream Big READ @ Bothell Library $1,200
Bus Shelter Mural Photographic Artworks on Bus Shelters $7,500
Camlann Medieval Assoc. Ywayn and Gawayn $1,000
Cascade Foothills Chorale A Home Town Christmas $1,000
Catherine Cabeen and Co. Fire! $5,000
City of Shoreline Parks Playin' Shoreline, a Street Piano Project $4,000
City of Snoqualmie Sounds of Snoqualmie 2012 $2,500
City of Woodinville 2012 Woodinville Summer Concert Series $2,400
DAIPANbutoh DAIPAN butoh Third WAVE Festival $1,500
Deaf Spotlight Deaf Performing Artists $2,000
Decibel Festival Decibel Festival 2012 $3,500
Eastside Nihon Matsuri Assoc. Aki Matsuri 2012 $3,000
El Centro de la Raza Dia de los Muertos $3,500
Filipino Cultural Heritage Soc. Pagdiriwang 2012 $6,000
Franchesska Berry/Som La Bi Joli Caravanes des Diasporas $3,500
Friends of Third Place Comms Commons Legacies $4,000
Gay City Anthologies Gay City Anthologies (Volume 5) $2,500
Hidmo Hidmo Family Reunion $1,500
Imagination Theatre Summer Theatre Workshop $1,500
Inst. For Community Leadership Community Arts Series $2,500
I.D. Engaged in Arts Odyssey This Place Called Home $2,500
Iranian Am Community Alliance Persian Calligraphy Art and Tradition $1,000
KeseyPollock Bodies and Stories: A Collaboration with Seniors $4,000
Live Aloha Hawaiian Cult. Fest. Kapena Headlining Entertainment $2,000
Mad Voyagers Voyage for Madmen $2,500
Middle Eastern Dance & Music Cindarella - The Ancient Egyptian Story $4,000
Monarch Review print and publish 400 copies of Monarch #3 $2,500
NEPO House NEPO 5K Don't Run 2012 $7,000
Northwest Bookfest Northwest Bookfest 2012 $4,000
Northwest Heritage Resources Building New Audiences for Traditional Arts In Underserved Communities $4,000
ONN/OF ONN/OF $4,000
Open Space for Arts & Comm. Burlesco Notturno & Open Air $2,000
Othello Park Alliance International Music & Art Festival $2,000
Pacific MusicWorks Wayward Sisters $5,000
Rainier Beach Merchants Asn. 2012 Art Walk Rainier Beach $6,000
Sandbox Artists Collective Sandbox Radio $2,000
Seattle Center Foundation Festál Festivals $8,000
Seattle Contemporary Seattle Fringe Festival $9,000
Seattle Latino Film Festival Seattle Latino Film Festival 2012 $7,000
Sevdah North America Sevdah Concert $1,000
Short Run Short Run Small Press Fest 2012 $6,000
Spoken Word Lab (SPLAB) SPLAB Archive Digitization $3,000
StoneDance Productions Chop Shop: Bodies of Work $10,000
theater simple Owl & Pussycat $3,500
Turkish Am. Cultural Assoc. Ahiska Culture Celebration $2,500
Up Front Gallery The Rookery Project $4,000
Upper Bear Creek Community Music in the Park at Cottage Lake $3,000
Vashon Folkdancers Ethnic Music and Dance Concerts $2,000
Vashon Opera Mozart's Così fan tutte $1,800
Vedic Cultural Center Ananda Mela: Joyful Festival of India $8,500
West Hill Comm Council Skyway Outdoor Cinema $4,000
World Champions of Sand Sculpting 2012 Tour of Champions $2,500
Worldtree Films SIX19: A Documentary $6,000


Organization Title Award
Against the Grain The 9th Festival of Against the Grain/Men in Dance $5,000
American Poster Institute VERA International Artist Exchange $3,500
Anything is Possible Theatre Co. "How Things Work" $3,000
Arts-a-Glow Arts-A-Glow Community Lantern Installations $2,500
At the Ridge Theatre ART 2011 Musical Production and Children's Theatre Camp $2,000
Bailadores de Bronce Bailadores de Bronce 40th Anniversary Gala Show $5,000
Bellevue Downtown Association 2012 Bellevue Jazz Festival $2,500
Bherd Studios Gallery (Un)Sanctioned $3,000
BQdanza Nincompoopiana $3,000
Bus Shelter Mural Program Mirroring Life: Photographic Artworks on Bus Shelters $8,000
Canine Productions Outside Experts $4,000
Cascade Foothills Chorale Winter Holiday Season $1,000
Central Area Community Festival Central Area Community Festival $1,000
Cherdonna and Lou Show, The Not Dead Yet (working title) $2,500
City of Bothell Music in the Park $2,000
City of Snoqualmie Sounds of Snoqualmie $3,000
Decibel Festival Decibel Festival $3,500
East African Arts & Culture Beneath the Burqa $3,500
El Centro de la Raza Día de los Muertos Altar Exhibit $3,000
eSe Teatro Multicultural Playwrights Festival $1,500
Federal Way Senior Center Sharing Lives, Sharing Art $2,000
Fisher Ensemble Magda Goebbels, a new opera $4,000
Foundation for Sex Positive Culture Seattle Erotic Art Festival $4,500
Friends of Third Place Commons A Musical Sampling of the Americas $3,000
Gay City Health Project Gay City Anthologies: Volume 4 $2,500
Ghost Light Theatricals Freak Storm by Don Fleming $1,500
Great Western Community Concert Association 2011-2012 Community Concert Program $3,000
International Conservation Photography Awards International Conservation Photography Awards $2,500
International District Engaged in the Arts Odyssey Collective Gallery IDEA Odyssey Collective Gallery Exhibitions Exploring Culture, Diversity and Identity $3,000
Intuitive Learning Systems Valley Center Stage Children's Theater Ensemble $1,500
Inverse Opera Liebeslieder Waltzes $3,000
Iranian American Community Alliance Persian Calligraphy Art & Tradition $2,000
Jackson Street Music History Collective Jackson Street Music History Project $3,000
KCTS Television, aka "KCTS 9" Reel NW $7,000
King County Parks and Recreation Division King County Parks White Center Teen Program Arts Program $6,000
Kirkland Summer Concert Series Kirkland Summer Concert Series $3,000
Ladies First Collective Ladies First 2011-2012 Season $2,000
Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival Hi'ikua Headlining Entertainment $3,500
LiveARTs Bothell LiveARTs Bothell $3,000
MadArt The Mad Home Project $2,000
Mirror Stage Company ODIN'S HORSE by Robert Koon $4,000
NEPO House NEPO 5K: Show and Run $5,000
New Century Theatre Company FESTEN by David Eldridge $4,500
North City Business Association The North City Jazz Walk $3,000
Open Space for Arts & Community Burlesco Notturno $2,000
Othello Park Alliance Othello Park International Music & Art Festival $2,000
Pioneer Square Community Association Artoleptic 619 $2,500
Plateau Community Orchestra "The Gateway to Mt. Rainier Through the Ages" $2,500
quiet The Beating of a Warrior's Heart $2,000
Sapience Dance Collective Species $3,000
Scrape - an original music string orchestra Bill Frisell Meets Scrape $2,500
Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble SJCE and KSD's Composer/Choreographer Pairing $3,000
Seattle Jewish Film Festival 17th annual AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival $6,000
Seattle Latino Film Festival Seattle Latino Film Festival 2011 $4,500
Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2012 Seattle True Independent Film Festival $3,000
Sno-Valley Senior Center Community Dance $3,000
StoneDance Productions Chop Shop: Bodies of Work $8,000
Tasveer Seattle's 7th Independent South Asian Film Festival $4,500
theater simple WONDERLAND: Alice Adventures $8,000
Upper Bear Creek Community Council Music in the Park at Cottage Lake $2,000
Vashon Folkdancers Ethnic Music and Dance Concerts $1,500
Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce Strawberry Festival $2,000
Vashon Opera Carmen, Bizet's Opera set in a Matador's Bull Ring $2,000
Vedic Cultural Center Ananda Mela: Joyful Festival of India $2,500
Watermark Project The Last Travel Agency on Earth $3,500
We Are Golden These Streets $3,000
West Hill Community Council Skyway Outdoor Cinema Festival $5,000
West Seattle Community Orchestra Community Outreach Concert, Spring 2011 $500
World Kulturz Catching Two Birdz Songz $3,000


Organization Title Award
47th Parallel Films WASTE OF TIME $8,000
Against the Grain 8h Festival of Against the Grain/Men in Dance $5,000
American Asian Performing Arts Theatre Chinese Moon Festival Extravaganza 2010 $4,000
ANAR Helene Eriksen's Traditional Dance Theatre ANAR new repertoire and concert development $6,000
ArtDish Artdish Writers Fund $3,000
Arts-a-Glow The Teahouse Lantern Theater $4,000
At the Ridge Theatre ART 2010 Musical Production and Childrens Theatre Camp $2,000
Bellevue Downtown Association Bellevue Jazz Festival $7,500
Bothell Regional Library Make a Splash @ Your Library - Summer Program Series $1,485
Bus Shelter Mural Program Mirroring Life: photographic artworks on bus shelters $8,000
Catherine Cabeen and Company Into the Void $6,000
Central Area Community Festival Central Area Community Festival $2,000
Cherdonna and Lou Show It's a Salon! $3,000
CineSeattle Seattle International Latino Film Festival $6,000
City of Bothell Music in the Park Concert Series $4,500
Decibel Festival Decibel Festival $3,000
Downtown Seattle Association Out to Lunch Concert Series $4,000
Eastside Nihon Matsuri Association 2010 Aki Matsuri-Bellevue College $4,000
El Centro de la Raza Dia de los Muertos Altar Exhibit $3,000
eSeTeatro eSe Teatro: Seattle Latinos take Stage $3,000
Federal Way Senior Center Drawing Together: Seniors Celebrate Art in Community $5,500
Fisher Ensemble Kocho, a new opera $4,000
Franchesska Berry and Som La Bi Joli Nile Intersection: A North/West African Dance Fusion $4,000
Free Sheep Foundation Seattle Street Bienniale 2010 $4,000
Friends of Third Place Commons Third Place, One World: Uncommon Music in the Commons $3,000
Gallery at Fall City Inn Gallery at Fall City Inn $4,500
Ghost Light Theatricals The Clouds by Aristophanes, a play adapted by Alexis Holzer $1,500
Hidmo Live At Hidmo $4,000
Hindustani Musical Arts of Bellevue Parampara Hindustani Music Festival 2010 $3,000
Joyas Mestizas Mexican Folk Dance Youth Group Joyas Mestizas 2010 Gala Performance $3,000
Juliana & PAVA + Russian Community Support Group, Inc Russian Beauty In Songs: A Bridge From The Past $4,000
Live Aloha Hawaiian Cultural Festival Hawaiian Living History Exhibit $3,000
LiveARTs Bothell LiveARTs Bothell $4,000
Maple Valley Creative Arts Council 12th Annual Maple Valley Days Arts Festival $7,000
Millinery Artisan Guild Dancing Hats $6,000
Monktail Creative Music Concern Sounds Outside: A Celebration of Adventurous Music & Community $3,500
Museum of History and Industry Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies $4,000
Music Stimulus Package Georgetown Music Fest $4,000
Lucia Neare's Theatrical Wonder Lullaby Moon 2010 $9,000
New Century Theatre Company CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION by Annie Baker $3,500
NewsWrights United The New New News: A Living Newspapper $3,000
Open Satellite Civic Knot Road Tattoo $3,000
Othello Park Alliance Othello Park International Festival $2,800
Pacific Musicworks (Sweet Bird Classics) Handel Oratorio "Esther" $8,500
Seattle Composers Salon Is That Jazz? Festival 2011 $4,000
Seattle Dance Project Project 4 $5,000
Seattle Jewish Film Festival 16th annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival $3,000
Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society Dare to be Square $2,000
SEKY Ensemble Moth Light Prophecies $6,000
Show Brazil! (Eduardo J De Mendonca) Chiquinha Gonzaga $4,000
Snoqualmie Valley Arts, LLC Snoqualmie Valley Festival of Music $4,500
Southeast Seattle Community Youth Orchestra Southeast Seattle Community Youth Orchestra - Summer Workshop $8,000
SPLAB Visiting Poet Series: Poetry of Dissent $5,000
Stage Door Productions STage Door Productions Summer Youth Theatre Camp $2,000
Steambot Steambot $6,500
Stimulate Dance "Open Air Performance Series" $4,000
StoneDance Productions Chop Shop: Bodies of Work $9,000
TARL Flint Jamison & TARL @ Open Satellite $4,000
Tether K-5 $2,000
theater simple WONDERLAND: Alice Adventures $5,000
Tukwila Paint Out Tukwila Paint Out $2,500
Upper Bear Creek Community Council Music in the Park at Cottage Lake $3,000
Vashon Folkdancers Ethnic Music and Dance Concerts $2,000
Vashon Island Chamber Music Vashon Island Chamber Music Series and Festival $3,200
Vashon Park District Summer in the Parks $2,500
Voices Rising 2010-2011 Season $4,000
West Hill Community Council Skyway Outdoor Cinema Festival $4,500
Whim Whim La Guillotine (tentatively) $5,000
TOTAL $289,985

If you've been approved to receive 4Culture funding for your project.  What now?  Here's what to expect


4Culture will send a letter to notify you of your award when it has been approved by our Arts Advisory Committee.


In order to receive your funds, you must sign a Contract or Letter of Agreement with 4Culture, making you or your group the "Contractor". The contract spells out the services you or your group will provide and the public benefits described in your application. If you want to make any modifications to the project or public benefit described in your application, please contact Heather Dwyer (Individuals) or Doreen Mitchum (Groups) to discuss the changes to your agreement.

In an effort to make our contract process simpler and reduce our impact on the environment, 4Culture will now provide your contract documents electronically.

Once your grant’s Scope of Service and Public Benefit have been developed, 4Culture prepares a contract for your review and signature. When it is ready, you will receive an e-mail from us through DocuSign. This email will contain a link to your documents, and you can review and electronically sign your contract. You will not be able to make changes to the contract, but if there is an error or you need to request changes, please contact Heather Dwyer (Individuals) or Doreen Mitchum (Groups).

After you have electronically signed your contract, and have returned any requested forms (such as a completed W-9 Form), 4Culture will also electronically sign your contract. Then, DocuSign will automatically e-mail you a signed, digital copy of your contract to keep for your permanent records. You’ll be ready to move ahead with your project.

Getting Paid

Once your 4Culture contract is signed by you and by 4Culture, your new grant will be listed in your account at under the GETTING PAID section. After you have signed and submitted your Contract and W9 Form, you may submit a request for 50% of your total grant, for project planning and development. If you have not previously submitted your W-9 Form, you must do so before we can make a payment.

Partial Payment:

[50% of Grant Award Funds] For planning costs, service fees, and direct project expenses.

  1. Go to
  2. From there you’ll want to go to "Individuals" or "Organizations" and then "Login"
  3. This will connect you to a portal where you can view past applications and find GETTING PAID.
  4. Under GETTING PAID select View contracts & submit a payment request
  • You will see your current contract(s). Select the link to "Request payment";
  • In the INVOICE form under "Select Type of Payment Request." Select "Partial";
  • Amount of Payment Requested should be 50% of your total grant funds;
  • Service Dates should be June 1, 2016 to today’s date (e.g. 6/1/16 - 8/5/16);
  • Skip attendance and leave it as "0";
  • Skip venue/city information;
  • Under Progress Report/Evaluation indicate general work-to-date on your project. This can be brief. Indicate any changes or updates with the project;
  • Skip all items under "Required Attachments"
  • Review your ACCOUNT and PERSONAL profiles to make sure they are up-to-date;

Final Payment:

[Final 50% of Grant Award Funds]: Completion of Public Benefit (See Public Benefit as stated in your contract) and submission of required evaluation and final documents.

  1. Go to
  2. From there you’ll want to go to "Individuals" or "Organizations" and then "Login"
  3. This will connect you to a portal where you can view past applications and find GETTING PAID.
  4. Under GETTING PAID select View contracts & submit a payment request
  • You will see your current contract(s). Select the link to "Request payment";
  • In the INVOICE form under "Select Type of Payment Request." Select "Final";
  • Amount of Payment Requested should be 50% of your total grant funds;
  • Service Dates should indicate dates of your public benefit event(s). Payments will not be made until after these dates;
  • Estimate the attendance of your public benefit event(s);
  • Indicate the venue(s) and city(s) of your public benefit event(s);
  • Under Progres Report/Evaluation please evaluate the specific benefits and services provided to the public durings the contract period/year as outlined in your contract’s Scope of Service (approximately 300 words).
  • Under "Required Attachments"
  • - Skip Final Budget (actual income and expenses, including in-kind contributions);
  • - Include (Upload) photographs documenting your project, including photo credits;
  • - Include (Upload) sample marketing material(s) that shows the 4Culture logo;
  • - Skip Purchase receipts – this is for Equipment and Facilities awards only.
  • Review your ACCOUNT and PERSONAL profiles to make sure they are up-to-date;

Once you have submitted your Payment Request electronically, your program manager is notified by the system – you do not need to email us. She will review and approve the invoice, and we will send you a check (usually within 14 days). If any of the forms are filled out incorrectly, we will contact you.

If you cannot complete your project and public benefit by the date your contract closes, please contact your program manager for a possible contract extension.

If you have any questions about how to receive your grant funds, please contact Heather Dwyer (Individual Artists) or Doreen Mitchum (Groups).

Requirements prior to presenting or publishing your project

Help us demonstrate the reach of 4Culture's funding and the value of supporting culture to elected officials and the general public.

To receive final payment you must:

  • Acknowledge 4Culture's support with this text in all project-related print and on-line material: This project was supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.
  • Include this logo on project-related materials including: websites, brochures, press releases, programs, posters, flyers, advents, signage and other related collateral material.

Presentation or publication promotion:

We may be able to post information about your project on our blog and assist with outreach, depending on capacity. Please send the following information to Project Manager at least 3 weeks prior to your event or publication release:
  • Event Title
  • Website/Event Link
  • Event/Completion Date and Time
  • Event Location, including street address
  • Brief description of no more than 100 words
  • Contact information including name, phone number and e-mail
  • Digital image(s) of the project in-process or completed. We prefer photographs that include people. By providing images including recognizable people, we assume you have obtained permission to use their image through a model release or other means, especially for anyone under 18.

Promote your 4Culture funded project using our Media Kit. Find out what’s required, what you can do and how we can help.

Best Practices

Let us know if we can provide you with any of the following:

  • Other funding resources
  • Artist-friendly venue ideas
  • Sample press releases
  • Tips on contacting your legislators and King County Council members - your elected officials should know that your organization makes an impact!

Stay in touch with us throughout this process

Let us know if your plans change or if you have any questions or concerns along the way. We are proud to support your project and we hope we can assist you in making it a success! If needed, please contact Heather Dwyer or Doreen Mitchum (Groups) for help.