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4Culture puts public dollars to work funding and supporting cultural experiences throughout King County, Washington. We are committed to providing equitable access to our resources, and to learning how to better serve all communities.

Community 4Culture aims to connect with those we have not been reaching, who we currently under-support, and those from geographic areas or representing cultures within county census tracts experiencing the most significant inequities. Our goal is to better sustain an arts and cultural community reflective of King County’s diverse population.

This is a competitive grant program currently available to community based organizations working in the arts, heritage, or preservation. The program will open to applicants for individual fellowships starting October, 2016.

Funding awards will be made at a range of levels up to $25,000 for groups and up to $10,000 for individuals, alongside ongoing dialogue about other ways we can help you strengthen your work.

Submittals will be reviewed every three months beginning October 2016

Who Can Apply

Group Grants:

Groups, organizations or non-profits in King County with:
  • A core mission focused on cultural arts activities, King County cultural heritage, or historic preservation;
  • No prior history of funding from 4Culture, or $1,500 or less received within the past 5 years;
  • An annual budget under $100,000;
  • One (1) or fewer full-time paid staff.

Individual Fellowships:

Individual artists and cultural creators who reside in King County with:
  • An active practice for at least 7 years in Arts, Heritage or Preservation in any creative artform or discipline from contemporary to traditional, or related to the preservation of a community’s cultural heritage;
  • No prior history of funding from 4Culture, or $1,500 or less received within the past 5 years;
  • 18 years or older at the time of application and not have student status.

What are we looking for?

Group Grants:

  • Strong demonstration of arts and cultural contributions with core staff, volunteers or boards that reflect the community served;
  • Groups serving marginalized communities including: people with disabilities; people with low-incomes; the population in geographic areas or representative of cultures within county zip codes experiencing the most significant social inequities; residents in rural King County; or residents of Seattle neighborhoods traditionally under-represented in 4Culture funding;
  • Groups with adequate infrastructure to utilize this support to build organizational capacity, or make a lasting impact to sustain their efforts.

Individual Fellowships:

  • Demonstrated expertise and accomplishment with an active practice in the arts, King County cultural heritage or historic preservation;
  • Cultural accomplishments through work reflecting a community identity or connection to community;
  • A core element(s) to their work that this funding can prolong or how will they utilize this funding to enhance their creative practice;
  • Longevity of practice and proven perseverance within the field.

When to Apply

Community 4Culture has no deadline. Applications will be evaluated every three months. The review panel will consider all applications submitted at least 10 days before the evaluation meeting.

How Grants are Awarded

A panel composed of community members with expertise in related fields, 4Culture advisory committee members and 4Culture staff will determine grant recipients. In an effort to maintain a fair process, the names of panelists will not be provided.

How to Apply

First, you’ll need to contact Heidi Jackson, our Community 4Culture Program Manager. Heidi will ask you some questions to ensure this funding program is right for you. If it is, she will provide you with access to a simple application. Additionally, she will introduce you to another staff member, with expertise in your field, who will be available to assist you on your application and provide you with other ideas for services and support.

Contact Us to Get Started

Heidi Jackson, Community 4Culture Program Manager, 206 263.1616